Solar + LED

To meet our growing demand for energy, solar can provide that additional source to supplement or even meet our complete energy needs. Since solar energy is expensive, it would be wise to use it prudently. LED when used with solar can reduce the total cost of ownership considerably, in some cases by more than 50%. In addition to the initial cost savings, there is a huge savings on cooling costs.

Here is an example which shows the savings for a 30,000 sqft office space.


Lighting Area

30,000 sqft

Lighting hours per day

10 hrs

System Cost


Solar + LED Lighting

Solar + Conventional Lighting

Total wattage

9000 watts

30000 watts



in INR

in USD

in INR

Cost of Solar system to meet lighting energy requirement


Rs. 4,866,667


Rs. 16,222,222

Cost of Lighting


Rs. 2,700,000


Rs. 1,350,000

Total cost


Rs. 7,566,667


Rs. 17,572,222

in USD

in INR

Total Savings when you choose LED + Solar



Additional Cooling cost saving with LED


units per day


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