Our Capabilities

  • Install all types of solar systems from rooftop systems to large solar farms
  • Complete turnkey solution from system size evaluation, design module acquisition to installation
  • Our team of knowledge experts can design the most optimal solar system
  • Source highest quality modules at a competitive price
  • Help you considerably reduce your solar system size with LED based lighting option

Solar Installation Services

Poseidon Solar Services provides complete design and installation services of solar systems.  Our highly experienced team of engineers and system designers can help you design the optimal system that matches your needs and your location.  We would also help you source high quality solar modules that provide high efficiency and at a competitive price.

When choosing to go with renewable sources such as Solar, we understand that the initial investment is high. It would only be prudent to use the energy produced efficiently.  We can show you how to substantially reduce your solar system size by using energy efficient LED based lighting systems.  Poseidon Lighting Pvt Ltd, part of the Poseidon Group manufactures LED based lights. To learn more about our Solar+LED option click here.


10KW Rooftop installation by Poseidon for a leading engineering services company in South India