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Broken Solar cells

Poseidon processes broken solar cells to remove the coatings for reuse and re-melting. The process involves chemical etching removing all contaminants. The diffusion layer is also removed until the material is crucible ready. The material is sample tested for resistivity to confirm the removal of the diffusion layer, packed and shipped. The following are the different categories of broken cells that we process:

Type of material Before process

After process

(Crucible Ready)

Broken cells with until
diffusion and SiN coated
Broken cells with print grid up to dryer / non fired
Broken cells after
metallization from fire oven

All of the above cleaned wafers can be used directly to make solar-grade ingots.



Zero Power cells

Zero Power Cells are defined as cells that deliver no power or fail the specification for power output. Poseidon processes zero power cells to be directly used for cell making. This can be substituted instead of expensive wafers. The processing at Poseidon eliminates the subsequent energy consuming steps of melting, ingoting and wafering. The removal of coatings and the diffusion layer is confirmed by 100% resistivity check.

Wafer recovered from a solar cell

Solar Cell recovery process flow